visa and work permit services, Company registration and Accounting.

We have professional and experienced staff who are able to communicate in English.

We provide stress free services to our customers and ensure full satisfaction.

We prepare all the necessary documents needed for new company registration in Rayong-Pattaya- Chonburi.

You do not need to worry about the inconsistency in requirements and the problem of communication. we are concerned about this difficulty and we will make sure that you have your company registered without stress.

Do you have problems with the inconsistent requirement for visa and WP?

We are here to help you meet the competent officials and get the right documents you need so that your visa and WP process will be stress free.
Your satisfaction is our concern.

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Our History

As participating in training programs in the department of industrial  promotion, region 9 , Chonburi province, in the project “Encouraging new entrepreneurs”,  NEC , in 2013 to receive advice from the departments’s consultants. to bring expertise and experience together to create business and support each other’s SMEs. As we started providing services to our friends and members of the group, we started having customers steadily  to have a sustainable business, and decided to start Duang Nara Accounting company limited on 18 July 2013 and the company name was formed from the nick names of the owners Duang+Nara is the name of the company.

That is  the beginning of DuangNara Accounting Company Limited and we divided duties according to expertise and employ modern technology to make work  effective,fast and safe.

The company has developed her services to keep up with the digital age and brings technology to be used to the benefits of the customer and join as partners with the start ups that have evolved  continuously.

 The company has achieved results and achieve goals every year both with increasing number of customers and increasing value of services being known in the business group  and the hiring of employees every year.

Duangjan inthida (Duang)

Registration and accounting Specialist.

Lampong dragsnes (nara)

Accounting, Tax planning and online marketing Expert.

Manotch appakarat

IT and Computer systems Professional.

กมลทรรศน์ กองหล้า (อุ๋ย)

Customer service and public relations officer

กิ่งกาญจน์ อินธิดา (กิ่ง)

Registration department



กรรณิกา สัพโส (มุ้ย)


นิตติยา ชาวนา (ไก่)


สุพัตรา กาบิน (ฟ้า)


อาลิษา ทองขาว (โฟม)


ดวงสิริ ดียิ่ง (พลอย)




Company registration Certificate

Accounting profession certificate

VAT Certificate