Visa and Work Permit Assistance services, Rayong- Pattaya- Chonburi

Visa and work permit assistance services is available to all.
We help you with the information you need and all you need is just our services.

 we are glad to offer our services to anyone interested in working in and around Rayong , pattaya and chonburi provinces. We understand that the process of obtaining visas and work permits may be very cumbersome for foreign workers who may be facing the language barrier problem between them and Thai officials. With DuangNara Accounting-Visa Assistance Services, Everything comes alive. We are specialized in Non-B visa for Business and Teaching . 

We are right here to assist you with the following;

  • Contact schools / companies to get information about vacancies
  • Contact the labor office to get up to date requirements for work permit application
  • Contact the Immigration department for required documents for Visa application.
  • afford to intervene in any discrepancies that may arise in the process of application.
  • Available to give advice where and when we can.

We are hardworking and we deliver on time.