Work Permit Requirements- Rayong -Pattaya-Chonburi

Work permit procedure and requirement. Your are at the right place to get all the information you need.

To apply for work permit in Thailand, there are a few requirements which are not complicated but sometimes the process is cumbersome.

The very first requirement is to have an employment contract either with a company or a school as a teacher. Once that is done, and assuming that you hold a valid Non-B visa, the following documents are required for the work permit application.

    1. You must have a non-immigrant visa (Non-B)
    2. You must have the knowledge/skills to perform the job
    3. You must be sane and not mentally ill
    1. Application Form with 3 (3 x 4 cm.) recent photos
    2. Passport and a copy of all used  pages in the passport
    3. Copy of your education certificates
    4. A copy of profession license (Teachers License) from Teachers’ council of Thailand.
    5. Medical certificate;
    6. Map showing the location of your company/school
    7. Certification of employment
    8. Director’s ID card
    9. Letter of certification from education area office

    Supporting documents in case of;

  • 1. Company
    1. Copy of the Thai Company Registration on your work permit;
    2. Copy of VAT Registration form Phor Por 01 of the business;
    3. Copy of company license – for example Factory License, Restaurant License;
    4. A copy of Social Security Payments made;
  • 2. Private school teacher / Private University.
    1. Copy of employment contract + university has to show certificate from MOE;
    2. A copy of teacher license;
    3. A copy of the license of the school;
    4. Copy of educational certificate.
  • 3. Government organization / Teacher of government school
    1.  A certificate letter from the government Ministry of Education and school;
    2. In case of teacher of government school, a copy of teacher license.