Visa and Work Permit for Foreigners in Thailand.

Visa and work permit for foreigners in Thailand. We are here to help you with your visa and work permit process.

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If you plan to live and work in Thailand, Rayong and Chonburi- Pattaya area, then we are available to give you assistance in finding a job and helping for your visa runs.

we offer assistance in getting work permits and visas for foreigners legally residing in Thailand.

Generally, for one to gain employment in Thailand, they need a Non-B visa which allows them to apply for a work permit. However, if you hold a tourist visa and happen to find an employer who is willing to employ you, the tourist visa can be changed to a Non B visa at the local immigration but the requirements for this are on a case by case basis.

We are going to examine two situations in getting a work permit and a Visa in Thailand.

Holder of Tourist visa: if you have a tourist visa and happen to get employment, the employer will apply for work permit at the department of Labor and you will take the receipt with other supporting documents from the employer to any Thai embassy or consulate out of the country to apply for a Non-B visa which is valid for 3 months. Upon return to Thailand, the work permit will be issued and the 3 months visa will then be extended to 12 months at the local immigration.

Generally, contracts in Thailand are valid for one year renewable. If your contract is renewed after the first year, you simply need to get required documents to the labor office and once the work permit (WP) is extended, you will get required documents for the immigration and extend the visa too for another 12 months.

Holder of Non-B and work permit from another Employer: In the event that you lose you job but your visa is still valid and you have a new employer, the law requires that you cancel the work permit and visa before applying for a new work permit and visa within 24 hours.

This is very tricky as you may be leaving from one province to apply for work permit and visa in another province and 24 hours is not enough. So, in this case it is advisable to visit the new labor office and immigration and ask for all required documents, get them ready and let them verify them before you go and start the cancellation process. You can plead with your current employer to prepare your termination of contract later for a date in the future so that you can cancel the work permit and visa ahead and have time to apply for the new work permit and extend the visa before it expires. This is what you would expect generally as far as getting work permit and visa is concerned in Thailand.

on the next page, we will look at documents required to apply for work permit and visa extension in Thailand.